Why a Journal?

    You are not happy with your job? You want more success for your career? Don’t worry, in you lies a a career superhero. Develop your career superpower on your personal hero journey. 1 competency test, 4 parts, 12 exercises and 90 days career course: This is the Superhero Journal!

    Is it for me?

    Work should be fulfilling. But there are often many questions in the way: How can I find personal fulfillment? How can I achieve my breakthrough? Do you feel that you don’t fully exploit your career potential? With the Superhero Journal you will reach your professional goals!

    What’s in it for me?

    The Superher Journal is a 152 page book consisting of four parts, 12 chapters, 8 worksheets, 12 inspirational flash cards, and a detailed appendix. Printed on high-quality 160 g paper, processed with a saddle stitching with a 360 g envelope as an OTA binding for optimal layflat behaviour and scratch-resistant relief lacquering.







    How the Superhero Journal works

    For this special book, we have summarized our knowledge from over 2,000 individual consultations and 100 workshop days. We help you to find your career superpowers, so you can use your skills better. Win the fight against your inner beast and develop powerful targets for your future. The Superhero Journal is your idea volcano, guide into your future and encourager.

    The competency test

    Our superhero test consists of 16 superhero types with detailed descriptions of professional competencies.

    Multimedial Career Course

    In addition to the Superhero Journal, you will receive a weekly e-mail course for the regular kick in the rear to continue.


    You will work 90 days on your future career. This time span has been shown to bring real change.*

    * “How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world”
    Link: 14.08.2016: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ejsp.674/abstract

    About the Author

    Jörn Hendrik Ast

    Superhero type

    • Solopreneur


    • Voice
    • Idea volcano
    • unstoppable energy

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